20.01 fire sculptures in Muula hills 🗓

The site specific art project of fire sculptures marks the beginning of a year-long celebration of “Paldiski 300”.

The artistic concept of the project is done by Kaspar Aus who together with the team of local students, volunteers and the Kalev Infantry Battalion will set the installations ablaze on the afternoon of January the 20th.

For Kaspar the dynamic landscape and the many layers of the Paldiski Muula hills is the main source of inspiration. The landscape allows one to travel down a long and winding path and to spread over a large area with a view to the plane from above. The path takes you between hedges to a small plateau, where one can see the sea peeking in between two slopes.

The concept is for one sculpture to run along the landscape symbolising the way person’s life is taking its course (literal translation from Estonian ‘path of life’). The other installation is planned to give an impression of the “building” symbolising the idea that the life take its shape within physical walls we build around us. The two main sculptures will be surrounded by smaller objects marking free flow of energy between the open path and more closed construction of the building.

The forms of the fire sculptures are trying to capture the idea of fire’s omnipresence in human life. Fire symbolises evolution. Burning is a fast movement of particles fuelled by oxygen – a process through which something decays to make space for something new.

The event is free of charge!

Skulptuuride valmimist toetavad:
MTÜ Paldiski Toetusgrupp; Kruunu OÜ; Bauhof; PAKRI Teadus- ja Tööstuspark, Paldiski linn. Kalevi Jalaväepataljon